Air Quality Monitoring Data

Action and Limit Level

1-hour TSP

  • AM1 – Wai Loi Tsuen
    • Action Level: 320 μg/m3
    • Limit Level: 500 μg/m3
  • AM2 – Fu Tei Au
    • Action Level: 322 μg/m3
    • Limit Level: 500 μg/m3

24-hour TSP

  • AM1a – Site Boundary of the Shek Wu Hui STW (East)
    • Action Level: 189 μg/m3
    • Limit Level: 260 μg/m3
  • AM2a – Site Boundary of the Shek Wu Hui STW (North)
    • Action Level: 187 μg/m3
    • Limit Level: 260 μg/m3

Air Quality Measurement Data

Monitoring StationParameterYearMonthDayConcentration
Exceedance of Action LevelExceedance of Limit Level
AM11 hr TSP202013150.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202013156.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202013163.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202013178.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202013181.5NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202013194.7NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20201677.4NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20201638.9NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20201842.9NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20201852.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20201849.5NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20201839.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20201842.9NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20201846.2NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20201962.7NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20201937.1NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020114108.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020114112NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020114108.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020114132NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202011499NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020114118.8NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202011557.4NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202011557.3NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202012095.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202012092.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202012099NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202012085.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202012085.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202012089.1NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202012178.3NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202012127.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202012462.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202012456.1NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202012459.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202012472.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202012462.7NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202012452.8NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202012460.1NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202012452.1NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20202462.1NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20202459.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20202456.7NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20202470.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20202472.9NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20202467.5NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20202535.4NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20202566.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202021084.1NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202021084.1NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202021087NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202021080.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202021088.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020210104NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202021166.2NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202021153.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202021452.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202021443.5NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202021440.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202021436.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202021449.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202021459.8NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202021738.9NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202021729NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202022058NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202022049.3NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202022052.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202022049.3NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202022046.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202022043.5NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202022257.1NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202022231.5NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202022631.9NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202022669.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202022672.5NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202022660.9NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202022658NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202022666.7NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202022840.3NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202022828NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20203241.7NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20203231.9NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20203371.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20203363NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20203367.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20203360.9NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20203365.1NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20203371.4NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20203737.5NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20203750.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20203966.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20203958NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20203958NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20203958NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20203963.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20203972.5NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202031283.7NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202031284.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202031360NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202031372NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202031367.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202031364.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202031376.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202031362.4NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202031864.5NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202031866.1NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020319142.1NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020319124.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020319118.9NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020319113.1NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202031995.7NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202031992.8NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202032452.1NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202032474.1NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202032572NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202032566NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202032566NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202032548NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202032545NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202032545NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202033057.9NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202033051.9NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202033196NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202033118NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202033112NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202033130NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202033151NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202033178NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20204337.7NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20204335.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20204628.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20204624NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20204640.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20204645.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20204638.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20204633.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20204948NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20204940.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20204952.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20204955.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20204948NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20204950.4NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20204958.4NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20204967.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202041446.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202041457.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202041457.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202041452NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202041449.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202041452NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202041579.6NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202041557.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202042031.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202042026.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202042033.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202042024NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202042031.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202042028.8NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202042143.1NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202042145.1NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202042476.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202042484NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202042493.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020424105.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020424117.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020424122.4NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202042754.6NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202042776.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202042940.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202042933.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202042936NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202042933.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202042933.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202042936NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20205254.9NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20205272.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20205588.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20205580.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20205572.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20205583.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20205598.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20205591NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20205836.7NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20205852.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202051140.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202051138.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202051138.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202051140.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202051138.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202051143.2NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202051458.1NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202051467.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202051538.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202051540.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202051545.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202051532.3NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202051519NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202051513.3NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202052012NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202052043.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202052154.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202052159.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202052146.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202052175.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202052191NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202052188.4NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202052643.9NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202052669.3NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020527108NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202052798.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202052786.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202052769.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202052762.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202052772NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20206126.7NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20206136.9NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20206220.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20206215.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20206213NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20206220.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202062109.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20206249.4NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20206633.6NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20206635.3NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202068117NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20206893.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20206880.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20206865NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20206865NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20206870.2NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202061125.3NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202061137.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202061226NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202061226NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202061228.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202061233.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202061236.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202061236.4NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202061718.8NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202061724.9NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202061828.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202061831.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202061833.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202061831.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202061839NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202061836.4NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202062331.8NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202062331.3NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202062436.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202062436.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202062439NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202062436.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202062457.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202062446.8NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202062921.2NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202062922.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202063031.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202063020.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202063026NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202063036.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202063031.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202063028.6NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20207423.2NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20207424.1NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20207623.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20207623.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20207631.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20207623.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20207615.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20207618.2NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20207937.6NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20207932.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202071046.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202071052NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202071041.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202071039NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202071044.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202071046.8NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202071531.6NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202071537.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202071626NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202071628.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202071628.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202071641.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202071646.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202071649.4NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202072136.9NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202072132.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202072223.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202072226NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202072223.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202072226NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202072231.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202072228.6NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202072739.7NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202072746.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202072843.5NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202072852.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202072834.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202072860.9NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202072866.7NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202072858NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20208118.4NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20208134.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20208336.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20208333.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20208336.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20208341.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20208336.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20208333.8NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20208618.3NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20208628.3NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20208714NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20208718NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20208722NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20208712NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20208714NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20208716NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202081222.7NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202081239.9NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202081366NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202081368NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202081364NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202081364NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202081366NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202081366NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202081825.9NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202081848.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202081948NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202081946NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202081942NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202081940NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202081950NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202081946NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202082452.2NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202082448.9NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202082529.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202082525.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202082531.5NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202082544.1NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202082535.7NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202082539.9NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP2020829118.9NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202082978.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020831108NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020831116NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020831110NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202083198NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202083194NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202083192NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202093162NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20209369.5NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20209456NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20209460NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20209456NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20209456NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20209460NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20209462NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20209965.6NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20209933.3NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202091022NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202091024NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202091026NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202091020NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202091024NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202091016NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202091527.6NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202091524NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202091632NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202091634NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202091636NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202091640NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202091630NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202091632NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202092151.7NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202092140.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202092242NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202092240NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202092244NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202092230NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202092226NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202092228NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202092686.4NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202092647NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202092878NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202092872NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202092870NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202092868NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202092866NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202092868NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202093047NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202093036.1NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202010330NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202010334NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202010328NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202010328NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202010328NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202010330NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202010664.4NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202010642.5NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202010766NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202010766NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202010766NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202010750.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202010746.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202010748.4NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP2020101275.3NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP2020101272.1NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020101422.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020101420.9NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020101420.9NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020101424.7NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020101424.7NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020101422.8NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP2020101772.5NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP2020101757.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020101920.9NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020101924.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020101920.9NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020101922.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020101924.7NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020101924.7NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20201022139.1NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP2020102299NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020102359.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020102359.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020102357.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020102350.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020102355NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020102363.8NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP2020102861NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP2020102859.3NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20201029127.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20201029112.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020102996.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020102972.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020102974.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020102977NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202011341.4NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202011385.3NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202011496.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202011485.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202011490.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202011485.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202011499NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202011488NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP2020119139.2NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP2020119115.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020111024.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020111020.9NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020111020.9NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020111022.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020111024.7NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020111022.8NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP2020111463.5NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP2020111472NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020111646.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020111639.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020111635.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020111641.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020111646.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020111652.8NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP2020111917.9NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP2020111936.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020112024.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020112024.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020112022.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020112024.7NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020112026.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020112024.7NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202011258.9NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP2020112548.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020112699NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020112692.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020112688NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020112672.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020112668.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020112672.6NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202012140.6NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202012179.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202012292.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202012281.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202012285.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202012270.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202012274.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202012279.2NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202012759.7NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP2020127145.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202012838NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202012834.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202012832.3NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202012834.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202012836.1NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202012836.1NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP2020121227.5NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP2020121268.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020121428.5NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020121430.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020121428.5NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020121436.1NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020121436.1NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020121438NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20201217111.9NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20201217107.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020121894NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020121890NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020121886NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020121866NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020121866NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020121864NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP2020122294NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20201222118.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020122342NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020122346NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020122350NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020122350NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020122346NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020122352NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP2020122866.9NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP2020122865.3NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020122938NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020122939.9NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020122938NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020122941.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020122941.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020122943.7NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20211262.2NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20211269.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20211458NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20211460NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20211462NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20211458NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20211470NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20211476NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202117134.5NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202117131.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20211886NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20211872NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20211860NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20211876NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20211858.9NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20211849.4NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202111369.9NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP2021113109.3NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202111443.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202111447.5NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202111443.7NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202111438NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202111445.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202111443.7NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202111967.5NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202111982.5NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202112034NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202112030NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202112028NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202112028NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202112020NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202112022NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202112591NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202112589NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202112639.9NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202112638NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202112639.9NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202112641.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202112638NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202112638NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202113069.9NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202113073.9NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20212152NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20212136NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20212126NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20212122NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20212126NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20212134NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20212462.4NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20212468.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20212537.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20212535.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20212535.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20212530.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20212533NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20212528.6NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20212962.4NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20212970.3NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202121066NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202121061.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202121059.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202121063.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202121063.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202121061.6NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202121140.8NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202121140.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202121644NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202121644NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202121646.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202121641.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202121646.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202121648.4NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202121742.3NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202121747.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202122241.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202122235.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202122235.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202122244NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202122241.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202122246.2NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202122372.6NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202122374.9NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202122652.5NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202122656.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202122648.3NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202122639.9NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202122644.1NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202122652.5NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20213157.9NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20213152.5NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202134112.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202134116.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202134149.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202134156.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202134134.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202134127.6NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20213659.2NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20213643.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20213937.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20213948.3NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20213954.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20213952.5NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20213956.7NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20213963NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202131246.2NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202131259.5NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202131548.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202131563.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202131539.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202131541.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202131537.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202131539.6NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202131882NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202131845.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202131960.9NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202131952.5NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202131956.7NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202131967.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202131973.5NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202131969.3NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202132467.3NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202132430.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202132562NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202132570NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202132558NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202132570NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202132578NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202132576NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202133042.7NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202133023.9NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202133126.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202133126.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202133124.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202133122NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202133124.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202133122NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20214130.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20214128.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20214126.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20214133NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20214124.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20214128.6NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20214145.9NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20214132.5NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20214766NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20214766NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20214772.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20214761.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20214770.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20214763.8NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20214711.9NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20214740.3NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202141225.4NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202141258.5NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202141363.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202141368.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202141357.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202141366NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202141359.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202141352.8NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202141784.8NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202141753.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202141966NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202141963.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202141966NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202141955NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202141957.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202141957.2NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202142158NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202142136.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202142235.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202142241.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202142246.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202142257.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202142252.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202142259.4NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202142715.4NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202142742.9NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202142870.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202142866NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202142872.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202142866NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202142874.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202142872.6NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20215336.5NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20215336.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20215441.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20215439.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20215446.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20215448.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20215455NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20215452.8NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20215838.8NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20215843.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202151017.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202151022NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202151024.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202151026.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202151030.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202151035.2NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202151325.7NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202151317.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202151470.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202151452.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202151439.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202151439.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202151435.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202151433NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202151818NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202151826NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202152037.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202152033NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202152041.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202152055NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202152050.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202152046.2NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202152413.5NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202152425.3NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202152546.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202152548.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202152539.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202152552.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202152546.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202152557.2NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202152983.7NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202152936.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202153150.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202153148.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202153141.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202153135.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202153137.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202153144NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20216373.8NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20216321.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20216435NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20216435NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20216432.5NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20216432.5NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20216430NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20216427.5NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20216848.2NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20216813.5NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20216926NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20216926NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20216923.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20216920.7NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20216916.1NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20216916.1NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202161233.4NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202161226.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202161520.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202161523NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202161523NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202161526NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202161531.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202161528.6NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202161877.3NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202161827.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202162145NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202162147.5NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202162152.5NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202162150NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202162142.5NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202162137.5NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202162437NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202162431.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202162510.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202162515.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202162510.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20216257.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202162513NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202162510.4NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202162971.9NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202162922.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202163028.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202163018.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202163041.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202163018.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202163015.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202163013NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20217548.7NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20217525.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20217618.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20217620.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20217618.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20217626NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20217623.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20217626NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202171019.1NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202171022NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202171277.5NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202171272.5NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202171262.5NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202171255NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202171245NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202171242.5NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202171512.4NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202171513.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202171628.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202171628.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202171626NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202171618.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202171618.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202171620.8NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202172115.9NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202172138.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202172226NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202172239NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202172228.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202172233.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202172231.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202172228.6NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202172713.7NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202172771NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2021728171.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2021728153.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2021728130NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202172875.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202172875.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202172875.4NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202173113.4NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202173128.3NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20218243.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20218245.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20218257.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20218226.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20218224NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20218224NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20218546.9NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20218530.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202186184.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202186192NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202186196.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202186117.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202186127.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202186127.2NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202181165.3NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202181136.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202181228.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202181236NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202181240.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202181221.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202181221.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202181224NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202181774NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202181710.9NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202181819.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202181819.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202181821.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202181816.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202181812NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202181814.4NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202182328.1NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202182333.9NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202182436NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202182443.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202182448NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202182421.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202182421.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202182424NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20218285.8NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202182835.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202183026.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202183033.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202183040.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202183036NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202183038.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202183036NoNo

Location of Monitoring Stations