Air Quality Monitoring Data

Action and Limit Level

1-hour TSP

  • AM1 – Wai Loi Tsuen
    • Action Level: 320 μg/m3
    • Limit Level: 500 μg/m3
  • AM2 – Fu Tei Au
    • Action Level: 322 μg/m3
    • Limit Level: 500 μg/m3

24-hour TSP

  • AM1a – Site Boundary of the Shek Wu Hui STW (East)
    • Action Level: 189 μg/m3
    • Limit Level: 260 μg/m3
  • AM2a – Site Boundary of the Shek Wu Hui STW (North)
    • Action Level: 187 μg/m3
    • Limit Level: 260 μg/m3

Air Quality Measurement Data

Monitoring StationParameterYearMonthDayConcentration
Exceedance of Action LevelExceedance of Limit Level
AM11 hr TSP202013150.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202013156.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202013163.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202013178.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202013181.5NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202013194.7NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20201677.4NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20201638.9NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20201842.9NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20201852.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20201849.5NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20201839.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20201842.9NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20201846.2NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20201962.7NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20201937.1NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020114108.8NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020114112NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020114108.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020114132NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202011499NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020114118.8NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202011557.4NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202011557.3NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202012095.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202012092.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202012099NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202012085.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202012085.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202012089.1NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202012178.3NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202012127.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202012462.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202012456.1NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202012459.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202012472.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202012462.7NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202012452.8NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202012460.1NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202012452.1NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20202462.1NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20202459.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20202456.7NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20202470.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20202472.9NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20202467.5NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20202535.4NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20202566.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202021084.1NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202021084.1NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202021087NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202021080.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202021088.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020210104NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202021166.2NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202021153.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202021452.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202021443.5NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202021440.6NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202021436.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202021449.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202021459.8NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202021738.9NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202021729NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202022058NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202022049.3NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202022052.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202022049.3NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202022046.4NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202022043.5NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202022257.1NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202022231.5NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202022631.9NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202022669.6NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202022672.5NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202022660.9NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202022658NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202022666.7NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202022840.3NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202022828NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20203241.7NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20203231.9NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20203371.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20203363NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20203367.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20203360.9NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20203365.1NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20203371.4NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP20203737.5NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP20203750.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20203966.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20203958NoNo
AM11 hr TSP20203958NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20203958NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20203963.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP20203972.5NoNo
AM1a24 hr TSP202031283.7NoNo
AM2a24 hr TSP202031284.2NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202031360NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202031372NoNo
AM11 hr TSP202031367.2NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202031364.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202031376.8NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202031362.4NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020319142.1NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020319124.7NoNo
AM11 hr TSP2020319118.9NoNo
AM21 hr TSP2020319113.1NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202031995.7NoNo
AM21 hr TSP202031992.8NoNo

Location of Monitoring Stations

On-Site Data Input – 1-hr TSP (staff only)